6 Reasons to Use an Independent Financial Advisor


Financial advice and planning isn’t just for the extremely wealthy–it can benefit everyone. Sound financial planning may help you attain your future aspirations and goals and secure your family’s future in the long-term. Here are 6 benefits of contacting independent financial advisors.

Gives personalized financial guidance based on your needs

Independent financial advisors usually aren’t tied to any particular investment products or even fund family. So, whatever assistance you need with estate planning, retirement planning, managing assets at various places, or a tax situation, independent advisors are free to pick from a wide variety of investment options to customize their advice depending on what suits you best. You may probably have to watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9aG–Gu72Y.

Gives good advice for complex financial needs

An independent financial advisor may help to address a range of complicated investment needs that emerge when you acquire considerable wealth. While different firms have different services, financial advisors often serve as “financial quarterbacks” that take care of all your financial needs. Certain advisors focus on certain investment options while others assist you with comprehensive services, like estate planning, borrowing, complicated tax situations, trusts, sale of business, charitable giving, and inter-generational transfer of wealth. Click here for more info!

Provides an attentive, responsive and personal relationship

To give advice closely related to your goals and needs, an independent financial advisor must first understand your situation properly. So, many independent financial advisors create strong relationships with customers. This usually requires constant, regular interactions. And since most advisors are entrepreneurs with their own businesses, they consider themselves liable to their customers.

Know where your finances are kept

Independent financial advisors at https://www.miradorwealth.com.au/ use independent custodians to keep and protect their customers’ assets. This provides a helpful checks and balances mechanism–the same party that advises you on how to make investments with your money does not keep your money.

Provides a transparent, simple fee structure

The fees that independent financial advisors charge depend on the percentage of assets they take care of. This fee structure can have plenty of benefits. It is simple, easy to understand and transparent, helping you to avoid surprises. In addition, it gives your advisor an incentive to increase your assets. You and your financial advisor succeed at the same time.

Gives peace of mind

Money is such a complex issue and there are lots of things to consider to both capitalize on it and safeguard it. Markets are unpredictable and the media tends to exaggerate both the rewards and the risks. Employing a reliable independent financial advisor can take the burden off you and leave it with a professional. Whether you want general, specialist or practical financial advice, whatever amount of money you spend on getting financial guidance can be repaid so many times over ultimately.


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